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Cup Holder Triumph Tr6, Tr250, Tr5

Currently out of stock - check back soon.
Enjoy this handy holder every time you use your Triumph! Stepped design holds cans, fast food cups, bottled water, some travel mugs, and even your cell phone.
Easy position for driver and passenger alike to reach.
Installs in 5 seconds without fasteners of any kind, and removes just as easily.

Properly injection molded in USA of tough, black ABS. Textured to match interior. This is a quality product.

(Note: Gray Cup Holder used for photographic purposes in situ photo. Your Cup Holder will be Black).

#P1201: TR6 Cup Holder


I go to Starbucks every morning on the way to work. (Dont ask me what happens when I cant get my Starbucks!) One of the most PitA experiences is trying to figure out a way to keep the cup upright, not leaking on my lap, and not in my hands.

The cheap $8 ones you can get at the auto parts stores lean, and cause the cup to leak on my leg. Between my legs is not an option, as when I shift gears, my legs move and either drop the cup, or squeeze it until the top pops off, erupting steaming chai latte all over my lap. One cup in a Starbucks tray is off balance... it hits the floor when you make just the slightest turn. So I came up with a small number of props to keep the tray upright. But it's still a PitA.

But this new cup holder... this is a piece of brilliance.

Thanks for turning me on to it, and for the review!

O.k., add me to the list of believers. I never imagined I'd pay $25 for a cup holder but, hey, when I realized there was no cutting, drilling, etc., I decided to try it. It's made very well and is STURDY. I like it. Thanks j

Took the cup-holder for a drive today and I marveled at the ingenious engineering. The angles are perfect for keeping a cup in place and matches the rest of the car.
I love it when I buy an item and it works.

The thing that makes it all work i the angle they built into the cupholder once it hooks on the console. Its Amazing!